10 Reasons Why Homeschooling Your Children Makes Them Smarter

Homeschooling had once been criticized for being old-fashioned. However, in recent years, it has become popular as more parents join the bandwagon. Proponents of the homeschooling system stated that it provided children with a firm educational, psychological, and moral foundation. True to their words, research has shown that homeschooled children:

  • Outperform peers in standardized tests.
  • Perform better while in college compared to their peers from public schools.
  • Are actively involved in both community and civil affairs, and
  • Are more prepared for life after school.

Why Does Homeschooling Make Children Smarter?

The reason why homeschooling kids makes them smarter is that parents take full responsibility for their children’s education, providing them with the needed emotional support to perform well. Other reasons include:

1. There’s less distraction.

In mainstream school, there’s so much that takes your child’s mind from studies. It can be the class clown, unnecessary talk, and modern gadgets. At home, however, you can control how and when gadgets are used. The other classroom distractions are also automatically eliminated, for it’s just you and your child at home.

2. One-on-one tutoring

The lack of individualized attention in public schools drastically reduces the chances of your child becoming smarter. While homeschooling, however, you focus on one child, following up on concepts he or she didn’t understand and only moving ahead when the child has understood a concept.

3. Comfortable learning environment

Homeschooling provides your child with an opportunity to move on with studies without the fear of bullies, peer pressure, and violence. The feeling of being safe at home is motivation enough for them to thrive in their studies, a reason that they outperform their peers in public schools.

4. It addresses student’s specific needs

Because of having large class sizes, teachers usually neglect struggling students or anyone who falls behind on concepts and subjects. That cannot be said of homeschooling. A homeschool teacher usually addresses the deficiencies in public learning, focusing on re-teaching areas the learner found too difficult or was too shy to ask for help.

5. Strengthens the parent-child bond

Proponents of homeschooling have given family closeness as the main reason to homeschool. Here, children’s moral, psychological, and educational needs are catered for. The large class sizes in traditional schools mean that only educational needs are taken into account, but these needs are not adequately met.

6. Encourages community learning

With homeschooling, learning is not limited by space, in essence, the world is the classroom. Homeschoolers are taught how to cook and do other chores, and volunteer in the community. This exposure to life skills has made them mature earlier than their contemporaries who have been cocooned by the school.

7. There’s no peer pressure

Since homeschooling is done in safe environments, the negative influences from peers for your child to engage in drugs, truancy, and other negative behavior is non-existent. You instill discipline in them and because you spend most of your time together, it’s easy to direct their behavior towards positive goals.

8. It does away with boredom

At no point in time is a homeschooler left alone to fend for themselves. There’s also the fact that there are different activities that a homeschooler can engage in. And because the class is not confined inside, you can take your child to the library, Museum, out in the park, or on a trip with other homeschooling families. The fact that the homeschooling timetable is flexible means that you can change to another subject whenever there’s a need.

9. Stronger relationship with the tutor

In mainstream schools, the relationship between the students and teachers is not close. After all, the class size is between 25-30 students, and giving learners the attention that they need is difficult. At home, however, a shy learner finds it easier to ask questions whenever he or she hasn’t understood a certain concept. Here, they aren’t afraid of judgmental peers each time they ask questions.

10. It caters to special needs students

One reason why parents elect homeschooling is that the needs of their special needs children are not adequately cared for in a mainstream school.

With homeschooling, however, the parents will do all they can to ensure that their child’s educational needs are met. The student won’t suffer prejudice, stigma, and obstacles that are not thrown in their way.

It is clear that homeschooled children have all the reasons to successfully compete with their contemporaries in mainstream school. They not only have the right environment for studying but they are also introduced to the real world early in life, something that gives them a head start.

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