What Are The Benefits of Homeschooling Over Public School

homeschooling vs public school

When the pandemic struck, most parents had no choice but to homeschool their children. Whereas seasoned parents had no stress at all, the majority of beginners saw a need to permanently continue this old-age practice.

What are some of the benefits of homeschooling that has made many parents transfer their kids from public schools?

1. Parents choose their values

The set of values in public schools usually goes contrary to parents’ wishes. For example, the culture of education instills the notion that success is only monetary. Homeschooling, however, allows flexibility in terms of values and beliefs instilled in learner’s. For the highly religious, prayers and Bible studies can be included.

2. Opportunity for individualized learning

The large numbers of learners in public schools have created problems. Teachers are overwhelmed meaning they can’t focus on every child’s needs. Granted, parents who homeschool can easily focus on areas the child needs most attention. And because lessons are created by the parent, he/she can focus on the child’s weakest areas as long as possible.

3. There are few safety concerns

Public schools have been known to hubber criminals. These can either be teachers, learners, or students themselves. They bully and deal drugs which negatively affects a child’s performance Homeschooling, on the other hand, provides a parent with ample time of interaction with the learner. This minimizes any negative peer influences, and children feel cared for.

4. Academic success

Some parents choose homeschooling because of the standardized tests prevelant in public schools. They view the tests as adding undue pressures on learners. That said, homeschooled children have been scoring high on standardized tests for long. It includes the SATs, ACTs, and college admission exams. The good performance is usually attributed to the flexibility of homeschooling.

5. Special needs children are considered

Public schools might have the individualized education programs and special needs professionals. However, if the numbers are large, these professionals might still neglect children. Parents who chose to homeschool are usually afraid of such neglect. Additionally, they feel obliged to protect their children who are judged harshly for being ‘different’.

6. Strengthening of family values

With a large number of learners from different backgrounds, public schools find it hard to offer any meaningful values. Families that have had old-age traditions based on values choose homeschooling. Here, each family member is responsible for reinforcing the values. There’s also more bonding and play time for everyone in the family.

7. Allows curriculum customization

Public schools curriculum is fixed and can never be adjusted to suit learners. Teachers prepare and deliver lessons as per the set guidelines. The homeschool curriculum, however, is tailored to suit each individual child. As for the cost of curriculum and materials, the parent is at liberty to decide. The custom-tailored and student-paced nature is one reason learners outperform their peers in public schools.

8. It offers myriad opportunities

The public school system is time-constrained. Teachers are time-bound to finish the syllabus on time. Most times, this means that extra-curricular activities aren’t prioritized. The homeschool curriculum, in contrast, ensures that kids spend more time in sports. This offers them opportunities to interact with other homeschoolers as they learn and play.

9. Requires less of your time

Sending your child to a public means waking up at 6 a.m. or earlier. You’ll have to drive them to school or they’ll have to take a bus. But that’s not all. Parent-teacher conferences and homework will eat into your time.

With homeschooling, however, you don’t dedicate a 100% of your time. Because it’s flexible, the time for lessons vary. For example, your kid will start studies when they wake up. You can also end the day or lessons earlier if kids are exhausted.

10. There’s more time for community service

Public schools often cuton time for learners to volunteer in different community projects. It is this same activities that make homeschoolers more responsible. With homeschooling, the parent uses the extra time to impress the need for community service to the kid. Getting into college for such a child would thus be a walk in the park.

11. Better emotional development

Most learners in public and conventional schools score low on emotional, social, and psychological development skills. This could be attributed to lack of personalized attention. Also, the vices such as bullying, lack of participation in community project are negative factors too.

The homeschooled child on the other hand, scores high on those skills. Having learnt to be independent from the start makes them behave more mature than their peers in public schools.

Finally, choosing between public school and homeschooling shouldn’t be a tall order. If you do your homework right, it will help you arrive to the correct conclusion.

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  1. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson says:

    It’s very interesting to know that homeschooling comes with flexibility advantages since you’re able to customize your schedule. My wife and I are interested in finding a school for our son, but since we just moved to another area that’s far from the city last month, we think it’d be good to look into homeschooling, so we’ll check it out soon. We appreciate your intake in making the most out of your time with homeschooling education.

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