12 Reasons for the Growing Trend of Homeschooling in Kenya

rise of homeschools in kenya

When the pandemic struck, most parents had no choice but to homeschool their kids. Before that, parents were still joining the homeschooling community. Five years ago, 2 million children were being homeschooled. The number is even higher today. Why is homeschooling on the rise?

Why Homeschooling Is On the Rise

Apart from upholding one’s religious beliefs and values, homeschooling is loved for the following reasons:

1. Warm family environment

One benefit to homeschooling is the fact that children bond with their parents and relatives. This kind of environment ensures the success of children in learning. Kids feel cared for. They, therefore, succeed because of such an environment.

2. Community engagement

Parents who homeschool ensure that their children are involved in volunteer work. For example, parents teach their children the importance of serving at church, visiting the needy, helping the elderly. Homeschooling ensures that children grow up to be responsible adults. They value real human connection rather than study for exams.

3. Flexible schedule

The reason why homeschooling is popular is because of the flexible study hours. Both the parent and the child’s time are catered for. Flexibility means that the child can spend more time in subjects he or she loves the most. Also, playtime, outdoors, and other projects can be prioritized.

4. Stronger parent-child relationship

Homeschooling returns the education of children to their first teacher who is the parent. Through homeschooling, children are assured of parental love. The connection and lack of pressure to perform guarantees good performance.

Whether parents are traveling or have challenging work schedules, homeschooling ensures bonding in the family. This is because parents are in a position to understand their children’s weaknesses.

5. There’s no homework

Public and private schools assess learners through homework. However, most learners are usually stressed because of such assignments. Additionally, kids hardly have time for bonding with parents and relations.

Children who homeschool don’t have any homework. Everything is covered during the learning period which is also flexible.

6. There are no distractions

Contrary to popular beliefs, homeschooled learners hardly have distractions. Parents ensure that electronic devices are used when required. As opposed to crowded public schools, the homeschooling environment doesn’t have bullies, peer pressure, or class clowns. The lack of these ensures that time is used appropriately.

7. Learners perform better

It’s a known fact that homeschooled children perform better on standardized tests as opposed to their peers in public or private schools. The good performance has been attributed to the flexible hours, the one-to-one attention, and family bonding. Homeschooled learners also graduate with skills relevant to the job market.

8. Special needs consideration

Parents who feel that their differently-able children will be discriminated against in public schools usually elect to homeschool. Since parents are the first teachers, they will understand both the strengths and weaknesses of their children. This way, they would be able to give them the appropriate help.

9. Reinforcement of family values

Families that have long-held traditions find homeschooling to be the best for their children. This is because values that may be interrupted by traditional schooling are not interfered with. Homeschooling also ensures that family members can chip in and help their siblings in their school work. As a result, the family bond is strengthened.

10. Safety concerns

Parents that homeschool are usually concerned about the dangers that are widespread in public schools.  Examples include drugs and substance abuse, bullying, theft, and non-attendance.

However, parents are usually in charge at home. Negative peer influence is therefore absent. It is therefore common for homeschooled learners to make use of their time in what matters the most.

11. The homeschooling community

The number of homeschoolers has been rising steadily. Whereas parents were once reluctant to homeschool, they are beginning to accept the idea. The existence of homeschooling communities means that one isn’t alone in this journey. One can compare notes, go on trips, or even ask for assistance whenever he or she is stuck.

12. Personalized learning

Public schools are congested which hinders one-to-one tutoring. Homeschooling however revolves around the child’s needs. If your child is poor in a certain subject, you can do all you can to help.

With flexibility and lack of competition, learners can easily succeed. This is because challenging topics can be repeated until they understand. Also, more playtime ensures learners are fresh to focus on the task ahead.

The above clearly shows why homeschooling is on the rise worldwide. With many parents now more interested, the numbers are going to shoot. If you are a parent considering homeschooling for your child, we can help you. At Outstanding Outcomes Home Tuition, we are at your beck and call. Get in touch today, and one of our teachers will visit you.

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