11 Benefits of Homeschooling You Probably Didn’t Know

benefits of homeschooling

Many parents were forced to join the homeschooling bandwagon by the pandemic. Granted, some parents had been considering homeschooling their children even before lockdown. Homeschooling has been praised because of the freedom it gives to both parents and children. Beyond that advantage, however, are there other benefits of homeschooling?

1. The Schedule Is Flexible

The parent sets the homeschooling schedule, something that allows the whole family to benefit. For example, your child is not forced to wake up very early in the morning so as not to miss the school bus.

You’ll decide how many hours your child will spend on actual learning. That means, if you feel they are getting tired or losing focus, you can end the lesson. You are also free to reschedule classes for another time when the kid is more active.

2. It Is More Secure Than Traditional Schooling

Public schools are well known to have kids who can have a negative influence on others. However, when you homeschool your children, negative peer influence is non-existent.

Your child will be with you all the time. And incidents of misbehaviors such as smoking, sneaking out of school, doing drugs, and bullying won’t be there.

3. Takes Special Needs Children into Account

One reason why some parents choose homeschooling is that their child is intellectually challenged. Such children are often stigmatized and mistreated in public or even private schools.

When you homeschool your special needs child, you’ll consider their emotional and intellectual well-being. Those are areas not adequately catered for in public schools. This neglect usually stunts their academic performance.

4. It Is Affordable

Parents who are short on money can homeschool their kids successfully. You can be sure that the cost of uniforms, private tuition, and daily transport won’t be on the budget.

Your child can learn in pajamas because homeschooling allows it. You can also cut costs by using resources from the internet which are cheaper or even free.

5. Help Your Child Develop a Sense of independence

Homeschooling provides the opportunity for your child to think on his or her own. This means they are less dependent on peers for anything, including advice.

The reason why college admissions favor homeschoolers is that they have had a different experience. They have grown up thinking for themselves and have been struggling to find solutions to problems.

6. Gives Learners Individualized Attention

When compared to crowded public schools, homeschooling provides an opportunity for learners to get personalized help.

Parents who homeschool ensure that their children’s weaknesses are addressed through one-on-one tutoring. The result is that they begin understanding concepts they once struggled with. This boosts their confidence.

7. It’s Tailored to the Learner’s Needs

Your child will learn at a pace that you decide. That’s not the case with public and private schools. The teachers are usually in a hurry to complete the syllabus at a given time. They end up ignoring struggling learners.

With homeschooling, however, you can choose to move fast, or slowly. It simply depends on your child’s needs.

8. There’s No Homework

Homework is a source of stress for many learners in both public and private schools. And if your child is struggling, it makes matters even worse.

With homeschooling, you cover the important concepts during the learning period. Thereafter, learners are free at the end of the day to rest.

9. Distractions are Minimal, Or None At All

You might assume that homeschooling has a lot of distractions. But both public and private schools have more distractions. They include the class clown and bullies.

At home, however, you are in charge of the environment. That means you decide when your child watches TV or uses the computer without supervision.

10. Provides Family Bonding Time

Today’s fast-paced world has resulted in children getting emotionally distant from their parents. Homeschooling ensures kids spend more time with their parents at home. This way, there are no rushed dinners and more time for bonding.

Homeschooling also ensures that parents get to learn more about their own children. For example, if they have a particular issue in any subject, the parent will immediately notice. They’ll thereafter try to rectify it, not laying blame on the teacher.

11. There’s Room for More Physical Activities

The fact that the homeschooling schedule is flexible means that more time can be allocated for exerting activities. During field trips, nature walks, and games, learners’ mental and emotional well-being is positively impacted.

Homeschooling allows the parent to decide how many outdoor activities should be there. The more outdoor activities, the less likely a learner will lose focus.

If you feel that homeschooling is something you’ll want to consider, contact us. We will arrange for one of our tutors to visit you at a place of your choosing. At Outstanding Outcomes Home Tuition, we offer homeschooling services to parents who feel ready to join the homeschooling movement.

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