Preparing Your Preschool Child to Homeschool

Preparing to teach your preschool child at home might seem daunting. Your worry might be compounded by the fact that it’s your first time to do so. As it is to be expected, you don’t want to get it wrong.

The real challenge, however, is preparing your preschool child to start homeschooling. It needs lots of planning in terms of a year and how progress will be measured. As you are aware, traditional schools and homeschools are similar in a way in as far as planning is concerned. The below guidelines will help you when you are preparing your preschool child to homeschool.

1. Move to A Homeschoolers Community

As a first time parent, joining the homeschooling bandwagon might seem appealing but daunting at the same time. Why not move into a community that has homeschoolers? This way you can compare notes to see if you are on the right track, and ask for assistance if you meet challenges.

2. Stock Up On School Supplies

Before your child is ready to start on school, you’ll need supplies such as crayons, glue, scissors, watercolors, paints to mention but a few. Start stocking on this so that you’ll be ready when you want to start homeschooling.

3. Play with Learning in Mind

There are certain skills your child acquires while playing which will be useful to them when they start on the homeschooling programme. A play-based curriculum will ensure that your child transitions seamlessly into the learning environment. Incorporate games that teach ABCs, writing, preschool math and so on. These will help your child feel more confident as they transition into homeschooling.

4. Educate Yourself First

There might be gaps in your education brought about by factors beyond your control but also you yourself. If there are certain subjects you didn’t like, take time to study them. Remember that in a traditional school, there are teachers for every subject. But at home, you’ll be ‘jack of all trades’ as it were.

5. Save Your Cash

You might assume that homeschooling is free. After all, there are no tuition fees. While that might be true, expenses will always be there. You’ll need cash to buy supplies, go for trips, buy computers and so forth. This means your finances need to be in order. To achieve that end, you’ll need to start a school savings account way before your child is ready to homeschool.

6. Create an Environment for Learning

Start early enough reciting letters, numbers and memorizing shapes and colours. Read books to your child even if they don’t understand it at the moment. Take them for outings and field trips, taking that opportunity to teach them about the world around them. This way they’ll live to remember things when you start homeschooling them.

Don’t worry yourself too much when it comes to preparing your preschool child to homeschool. As a rule of thumb, enjoy each and every moment with your child. Don’t force learning but rather encourage it through play. Learning is lifelong and you don’t need to wait until your child is a certain age to teach them.

The above guidelines will prepare you for a more positive homeschool experience that you will live to remember and repeat.

Image credit: Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

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